Eric will be participating in Gallery Poulsen's summer group show HEAT! The press release and exhibition info is below:

Detective Casals: “You recognize the MO (Modus Operandi)?”
Vincent Hanna aka Al Pacino: “MO? Is that they're good...”

Inspired by the quote above from the movie HEAT we hereby invite you to the yearly tradition in Gallery Poulsen – The Summer Show presenting the best of this year's invited gallery artists. There is much to look forward to as the artists yet again have made masterpieces in painting, drawing and sculpture. And yes, they're good! 

It is with a distinct pleasure and pride that we welcome William Powhida as the latest Gallery Poulsen artist from New York. We exhibited him in the anniversary exhibition in November and previously he exhibited with Jade Townsend in ”Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes”. Powhida will present his first solo show in the gallery in late February 2015.

William Powhida, born 1976, was previously an art critic in New York and his works are lists, maps and diagrams illustrating the power structures of the art world, that he himself is a part of. His artworks are meticulously crafted and he has no problem exposing the power structures of the art world. Powhida's CV is impressive and his solo exhibitions have been reviewed several times in The New York Times. Powhida will contribute with three new works for this show and it is not bedtime reading! 

As the only Dane in the gallery, an immense pressure rests on Jacob Dahlstrup's shoulders. However, he easily matches the standard set by his American colleagues in the gallery. A standard that would make most artists shiver. Artwork after artwork, Jacob Dahlstrup dazzles and amazes with works mostly in graphite. Dahlstrup's talent is nothing less than impressive which his latest exhibition activity emphasizes. Dahlstrup is currently exhibiting in Tattoo at Brandts Art Museum in Odense and was mentioned by The Culture Trip as one out of the ten most important artists on the Danish art scene in the company of Jesper Just and Olafur Eliasson. We are looking forward to his first solo exhibition in the gallery in January 2015.

Jean-Pierre Roy whose solo exhibition was a great success in February has been working on two large paintings since his return to New York. The motives in these are in succession to his exhibition ”The New Me is Already Old”. The visitors who didn't have the chance to see his masterpieces in his exhibition, will here get the opportunity to see two of the rare artworks leaving Roy's studio in New York. Another artist with few available works is Eric White. It is a rare opportunity for us to present a new and large work from him. White, who as Roy works in oil, is inspired by the parallel universe of film. White will have his solo show in the spring of 2016.

Barnaby Whitfield, The Master of Pastel, has now explored black and white portraits. The results are striking and once again proof that his natural talent is transcendent. Also new works by Aaron Johnson will be exhibited, created in the traditional 'reversed painting' style where he excels. Alfred Steiner has extended his body of work and contributes for the first time in Denmark with a new oil piece where he uses a three dimensional laser cut sculpture as his canvas. 

HEAT - New Art for the Summer 2014
Jacob Dahlstrup (DK), Aaron Johnson (US), William Powhida (US), Jean-Pierre Roy (US), Alfred Steiner (US), Eric White (US), Barnaby Whitfield (US)

Opening Friday June 13th from 4 - 6 pm
The show runs until July 5th