PRADA Wallpaper

Eric painted portraits of "10 Notorious Women" for Prada's New York City flagship store at Broadway and Prince Street. The images, painted on sixteen-inch panels, were blown up to sixteen feet tall and span the entire block block from Broadway to Mercer. So fun!

*UPDATE* They used the images for a second installation in the summer of 2007 with added wallpaper-patterned masks.

See the images in detail here and here.



"Prada uses the portraits of 10 notorious women, known both for their skill and their power. The portraits are done as classical oil paintings, by the artist Eric White, and then blown up to vast scale. The 10 notorious women are Maria Callas, Elizabeth 1, Nefertiti, Kiki de Montparnasse, Camille Claudel, Mata Hari, Simone de Beauvoir, Catherine the Great, Jane Austen, and Billie Holiday."