Outpost 2 2017 • oil on canvas • 36 x 72 inches 

Outpost 2
2017 • oil on canvas • 36 x 72 inches 

29 April 2016 - 01 June 2016

Frans Halsstraat 26

"The first comprehensive and long-overdue monograph of visual artist Eric White, containing mostly previously unpublished work. White generates a world of psychologically charged narratives in his masterfully executed and surreal figurative paintings. His work is inspired by cinema—especially the golden age of Hollywood—and by an obscure pop culture seen through the lens of a satirical and fantastical schizophrenic dream logic. This book covers the breadth of his career so far, from his earliest acrylics, oils, and works on paper, to his subverted album cover paintings, to work he describes as paranoid social realism, to his "1/3 Scale Retrospective" installations. White's work opens a window into an alternate universe, one that is distorted, dark, and extremely witty."